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We’ve got you covered! 

The inception of Dig It® began in 2008 at a family BBQ and the seed for our flagship product, Dig It® Handwear was planted!  The Co-founders realized with their love of the outdoors, sports, construction, DIY projects and of course gardening, women needed a fitted glove that uniquely protected a woman’s hands and nails… not a downsized men’s glove pretending to be suited for a woman.  After searching worldwide, they recognized this type of glove wasn’t available in the market, and the idea blossomed into a product! 

In collaboration with industrial designers, women’s focus groups, nail technicians, and glove manufacturers, we targeted exactly what women wanted in glove protection. 

How? Our unique gloves have an “Industrial Design Patented Pillow Top Protector” built inside each fingertip that sits on top of each nail to inhibit dirt and debris. Double reinforced stitching further prevents fingertips from wearing through the ends of gloves and the snug form fit design allows forexcellent dexterity.  All Dig It gloves are manufactured with environmentally friendly vegan leather, the packaging is eco-conscious, and uses recycled materials. Women now have a stylish, effective, protective glove made from quality breathable materials!

In November 2009, Dig It® received national exposure when we successfully struck a deal with Kevin O’Leary from CBC’s Dragons’ Den, and NBC’s Shark Tank. 

We currently offer quality products for the discerning woman and our product selection in 2017 and 2018 is expanding!

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